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    Ink-It-Up Enterprise Ltd. was founded in 2010 with the purpose of providing the highest quality printer inks, toners and ribbons at the lowest possible prices. We are a wholesale distributor of generics for most major manufacturers including HP, Epson, Brother, Canon, Lexmark, Kyocera and many more.
    Our technical team has over 15 years of experience and will supply you the latest most durable products that you can trust. Feel free to contact us and start saving today!

Know the facts:

    Differences between Brand Name and Generic Inks, Toners and Ribbons...
    Brand name inks, toners and ribbons are also called Original Equipment Manufactured (OEMs) because they are made directly by the manufacturer of your printer. Generic inks, toners and ribbons distributed by Ink-It-Up are inks, toners and ribbons which are brand new and made by third party manufacturers. Generic inks, toners and ribbons not only produce great quality but they cost much less than brand names.
    What are generic ink/toner cartridges and ribbons?
    Similar to generic drugs which are produced and distributed with the same formulation as the original product, Ink-It-Up generics have the same formulation as their counterpart brand name inks, toners and ribbons.
    Ink-It-Up generics are all new moulds with brand new parts, packed with the highest grade inks and toners, and then the cartridges or ribbons are assembled and packaged for sale.
    What about quality?
    Ink-It-Up generic inks, toners and ribbons are made with the highest professional quality inks which are on par with brand names or OEMs.
    Does Ink-It-Up ever use refills?
    No. We never do refills. Ink-It-Up wants to provide you with only the best quality inks, toners and ribbons so we currently don’t offer refills since they often produce lower quality prints.
    What is the best thing about generics?
    Generic inks, toners and ribbons are on average 50% cheaper than brand names or OEMs. Ink-It-Up supplies you with top quality products at discount prices!
    For any questions and or comments please contact us

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